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Winter Reading List 2018

It is getting to be that time of the year when people are looking for a good book to read while sitting next to a fire on a cold, winter’s night. It may be something they received as a holiday... Continue Reading →

Winter Reading List 2017

The Holidays will be upon us shortly and there is always the question as to what to give to the Bourbon enthusiast in the family. A good book is always a great gift. Since I hope that my books, Kentucky... Continue Reading →

Summer 2017 Bourbon Reading List

Summer means vacations and for many people that includes a nice quiet evening of reading a book while lounging in the shade with a glass of Bourbon. Whether this is in a tropical setting or by the lake or even... Continue Reading →

Suggested Reading List, Winter 2016

The cold months of winter are not far in the future. Christmas presents need to be purchased and a good book is always a welcome gift on those long dark evenings sitting by the fire with a Bourbon. While I... Continue Reading →

Summer Bourbon Reading List

Summer is fast approaching and many people want some good books to take with them to read while sitting on the beach or by the campfire in the mountains. I do hope they consider my book Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An... Continue Reading →

Bourbon Reading List

I have had many people come up to me and tell me that they loved Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey: An American Heritage and asked me what I would recommend next for them to read. The bibliography has many sources listed and... Continue Reading →

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