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The Miller House Bar In Owensboro

Owensboro is a Kentucky city that is steeped in Bourbon Heritage. It is still the home of Glenmore Distillery which does not distill but employs many people in the aging warehouses and bottling facility owned by Sazerac. On the other... Continue Reading →

Jack Rose Dining Saloon: America’s Premier Whiskey Bar

I have known Bill Thomas, the owner of Jack Rose Dining Saloon in Washington D.C., for some time. He has been a regular at the Oscar Getz Master Distillers Auction during the Bourbon Festival for many years. He will purchase... Continue Reading →

Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar: Ohio’s Loss Is The Bourbon World’s Gain

Molly Wellmann owns and operates several bars in Cincinnati but when she wanted to open a Bourbon Bar she knew that she had to get out of the Control State of Ohio to do it right. The Main Strasse in... Continue Reading →

The Century Bar – A Control State Marvel

I first visited The Century Bar in September 2013. I was going to give a talk on Bourbon history and I remember that I was not expecting much out of the place. It was in Dayton, Ohio and Ohio is... Continue Reading →

Louisville Hotels Stepping It Up A Notch

In Louisville the Bars at the Seelbach and the Brown Hotels always had great Bourbon selections. This is mainly because these fine old hotels are where distillers usually put up their out of town guests. In competition with each other... Continue Reading →

The Avenue Pub in New Orleans

Outside of Kentucky, Louisiana and the city of New Orleans contributed most to the heritage of Bourbon whiskey. People who fled the Whiskey Rebellion fled to Louisiana territory and New Orleans to escape the Federal Marshals looking for them. Trade... Continue Reading →

Dish on Market – The Home Of The Presidential Breakfast

Harry Truman would start every morning with an egg, a slice of bacon, toast, fruit, a glass of milk and a shot of Old Grand Dad. You can get this breakfast at Dish on Market and much more. Anderson Grissom... Continue Reading →

The Crunkleton, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

North Carolina is a control state, meaning the state government controls alcohol sales in the state. It was not that long ago that bars did not exist as we know them in North Carolina. When you went to a restaurant... Continue Reading →

The Silver Dollar – Whiskey by the Drink

The Silver Dollar is a fun place to drink a Bourbon, rye or tequila. This restaurant and Bourbon Bar is on Frankfort Avenue in Louisville and is housed in the old Albert Stoll firehouse. The restaurant and bar still has... Continue Reading →

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