Bourbon History


bourbon barrels

Oak Trees And Barrel Staves

One of the things I like about my blog is that a lot of my friends in the industry read my blog. When one, Dave Scheurich, the retired plant manager at Woodford Reserve, contacted me with a subject for my... Continue Reading →

Regulation On Barrel Size

Whiskey is stored in barrels. The old Federal regulations say very little about what type of barrel could be used. In fact, before 1938 there were no regulations on barrels. Distillers made Bourbon and other whiskey using the barrels they... Continue Reading →

Kelvin Cooperage, Doing Things Differently

Kelvin Cooperage is a growing business making barrels for many distilleries and wineries as well as dealing in used cooperage to Scotland, Ireland and elsewhere. In fact it was while I was talking with Caleb Kilburn at Peerless that he... Continue Reading →

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