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albert schmid

Book Review – Bourbon 101

I have known Albert Schmid for many years. He once taught at Sullivan University in their culinary school and taught many students how to cook with Bourbon. He has since taken a job teaching in North Carolina but I hear... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Burgoo, Barbecue & Bourbon: A Kentucky Culinary Trinity

I always look forward to a new book from Albert Schmid. I met him many years ago at the Kentucky Book Fair. I was there signing The Social History of Bourbon that had been re-released by the University Press of... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Kentucky Bourbon Cookbook

Albert Schmid taught classes at the culinary school at Sullivan University in Louisville for many years. He has since moved on to teach in North Carolina but he still loves his Bourbon. The recipes he collected for this book come... Continue Reading →

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