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Three Distilleries Doing Sweet Mash Whiskey

The sweet mash process is a very old process. It differs from the sour mash process in that they don’t use any set-back in making the mash. There is a recipe for making sweet mash whiskey in the Kentucky Historical... Continue Reading →

Six American Whiskeys That Everyone Should Try

The growth in the Bourbon industry has led to a growth in the American Whiskey category as a whole. It started with Rye Whiskey. I remember around 2010, Jimmy Russell was telling people that Rye Whiskey has tripled production at... Continue Reading →

Six New Bottled-in-Bond Whiskeys From Outside Of Kentucky

Bottled-in-Bond was created to set straight whiskey apart from rectified whiskey. It set a minimum standard of quality that requires the whiskey had to be 1) Made at one distillery, 2) Made in the same season, 3) Aged at least... Continue Reading →

Innovations In Marketing American Whiskey

In the past couple of years, the way American whiskey is being sold has seen some changes. There are more people getting into the business and as they do, they look for ways to make their business unique and appealing... Continue Reading →

Rye Whiskeys That Impressed Me In 2021

I did not taste as many rye whiskeys in 2021 as I did Bourbons, but there were a few that did impress me for their quality. I am going to list these whiskeys in alphabetical order by brand, not by... Continue Reading →

Distilleries That Made Bourbons That Impressed Me In 2021

The year 2021 has been a productive year for the Bourbon industry. There have been many Bourbons that I liked quite a bit. Some of them came from the established Kentucky distilleries, but many of them have been made by... Continue Reading →

Five Distilleries Doing Barrel Finished Whiskeys Right

I am a firm believer that the standard of a finished whiskey should not hide the flavor of the whiskey behind the finishing flavor. A finish flavor should complement the whiskey, not overpower it. Too many whiskeys finished in another... Continue Reading →

A Level Playing Field

I was discussing Texas whiskeys with Matt the other day and he asked “Was Texas known for making whiskey a century ago?” My answer was “No, not nationally.” This led to a discussion as to why they are doing so... Continue Reading →

Six Square Peg Whiskeys

Rosemary is inventorying our whiskey collection and she has several of what she called “square peg whiskeys” - whiskeys that don’t fit into the round holes of Bourbon or Rye whiskeys. These are whiskeys such as corn whiskey, wheat whiskey... Continue Reading →

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