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Master Distillers

I am not a big fan of the term “Master Distiller”. It seems to me that it is being used so much that it is more of a show title without much meaning. To me it takes more than owning... Continue Reading →

What is “Craft Distilling”?

The word “Craft” has become a bit of a “buzz word” in distilling marketing. It has also become a bit controversial as nobody really can agree on the meaning of the term “Craft Distilling”.  The ADI states that once a... Continue Reading →

Kentucky Peerless Sweet Mash Whiskeys

I have been a fan of Kentucky Peerless Distillery since I first visited there over a year ago. They are making some excellent products that you are going to have to wait at least another year before you can purchase... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Straight Whiskey

Many people see the word “Straight” on a whiskey label and do not realize that single word represents decades of struggle to protect consumers from adulterated whiskey. The story of the term "straight" starts in the middle of the nineteenth century.... Continue Reading →

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