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Winter Reading List 2018

It is getting to be that time of the year when people are looking for a good book to read while sitting next to a fire on a cold, winter’s night. It may be something they received as a holiday... Continue Reading →

Climate And Bourbon

The climate of Kentucky has always been a part of the production of Bourbon. The fact that corn grows better in Kentucky than rye is because of the climate. Rye grows better in a cooler climate like Pennsylvania whereas corn... Continue Reading →

Palate Fatigue

I recently received an email from Peter Pogue raising the question about palate fatigue during whiskey competitions. His point was that the high proof whiskeys, 110 or higher, seem to be winning all of the accolades at these competitions. He... Continue Reading →

Summer Reading List 2018

Summer is upon us and you may want a good book to take with you on vacation to read on the flight or when you get to the beach or mountain getaway. I have several good suggestions for you. Of... Continue Reading →

Pairing Bourbon With Cheese

My blog from 2016, Pairing Bourbon with Food, is one of my most popular blogs. It gets quite a few views every day. This tells me I need to do more on the subject of bourbon and food. With that... Continue Reading →

Kelvin Cooperage, Doing Things Differently

Kelvin Cooperage is a growing business making barrels for many distilleries and wineries as well as dealing in used cooperage to Scotland, Ireland and elsewhere. In fact it was while I was talking with Caleb Kilburn at Peerless that he... Continue Reading →

On Bourbon Barrels

The earliest mention I know of about charring barrels to age whiskey is at the Filson Historical Society in the Corliss-Respess Family Papers. It dates from July of 1826 and tells John Corliss that if he will burn or char... Continue Reading →

Winter Reading List 2017

The Holidays will be upon us shortly and there is always the question as to what to give to the Bourbon enthusiast in the family. A good book is always a great gift. Since I hope that my books, Kentucky... Continue Reading →

Glassware Review

The week of the Kentucky Bourbon Affair was a week of receiving several pieces of glassware from different events. I thought I would take time and compare each glass and examine the qualities of each piece with Bourbon to determine... Continue Reading →

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