Bourbon History


Whiskey and Food

Get Ready For A Summer Of Smoke And Sippin!

Editor’s note: Like many in Kentucky right now, Michael does not have internet access. Matt has stepped in to share a blog post for today. We hope all of you are safe and well after the storms on Friday! Kentucky... Continue Reading →

Tasting Whiskey

I have been asked about Bourbon Tastings and how to hold one, I have written on the subject before, but I thought I would write a more complete blog on the subject here.  There are two parts of tasting Bourbon... Continue Reading →

Drinks To Be Paired With Smoked Meats

Summer is the time to pull out the smoker and fix some ribs or pulled pork or brisket. So the question is, “What do I drink with this food?” Smoked cocktails are the rage today and if done right, they... Continue Reading →

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