Bourbon History



Fort Hamilton Distillery

The Fort Hamilton Distillery is in Brooklyn, New York. Matt and I reviewed their Rye Whiskey several months ago after they sent me a bottle. I recently visited there and enjoyed the visit. It is a small distillery making Gin... Continue Reading →

Bourbon Cruise 2023

I recently signed on to do a Bourbon cruise on the Paddlewheel Riverboat, American Countess for the last week of August, 2023. I am looking forward to doing this cruise as we have never been on the American Countess. It... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Tourism In The 21st Century

Distillery tours have changed a lot since I started working in the industry in 1991. In 1991, distillery tours were limited to Maker’s Mark and Wild Turkey, who had visitor centers and offered tours. You could tour the other distilleries,... Continue Reading →

Dueling Grounds Distillery

The other day, on our way home from the Bourbon Cruise on the American Duchess, Rosemary and I stopped at the Dueling Grounds Distillery in Franklin, Kentucky. I had contacted the distillery and they knew we were coming, so the... Continue Reading →

Paducah, Kentucky – Restoring Its Bourbon Heritage

Before Prohibition, Paducah, Kentucky was an important Bourbon town. Isaac Wolfe Bernheim and his brother Bernard started their business in Paducah. Dreyfuss and Weil had a distillery in Paducah. Early Times was being distributed by Friedman, Keller & Co. in... Continue Reading →

New Riff Distillery

One of my favorite trips is to Newport, Kentucky to visit the New Riff Distillery. Rosemary and I like to book a room in Cincinnati for a weekend. While there, we will visit one of my favorite people, Molly Wellman... Continue Reading →

Lexington, Kentucky Distillers – Bluegrass Distillers

In November, Rosemary and I went to spend time in Lexington, Kentucky and visit some distilleries. On our second day, we went to visit Bluegrass Distillers. The distillery was located at 501 W 6th St., but they are moving in... Continue Reading →

Lexington, Kentucky Distilleries – Barrel House Distillery

During my recent visit to Lexington to tour some distilleries, I toured the Barrel House Distillery. Barrel House Distillery was founded in the winter of 2008 by Jeff Wiseman and Pete Wright. Like most artisan distilleries that do not want... Continue Reading →

Lexington Kentucky Distilleries – James E. Pepper

Recently, Rosemary and I travelled to Lexington, Kentucky to visit some distilleries. The one distillery that was top on my list to visit was James E. Pepper. I say this because during my days at United Distillers, I dealt with... Continue Reading →

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