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Images Of The Past – The Buffalo Springs Distillery, Stamping Ground, KY

World War Two caused many distilleries to go out of business. As part of the war effort, they were required to make making high proof alcohol for munitions and other war needs such as synthetic rubber. The problem was that... Continue Reading →

Images Of The Past: Pleasure Ridge Park Distillery Letterhead

When I was working at The Filson Historical Society I cataloged many collections dealing with the distilling industry. My colleagues also kept an eye out for anything they found in the collections they were working on at the time. I... Continue Reading →

From My Archive: A Jigger Of Common Sense

In the 1950s Julian P. Van Winkle did a series of advertisements that were folk stories he would tell with a moral that you should drink Old Fitzgerald Bourbon. He later had a collection of these stories published as a... Continue Reading →

From My Archive: A Study Of The Changes Taking Place In Whiskey Stored In Wood

In my days as archivist at United Distillers I was able to access many interesting pieces from the old Schenley collection in the archives. One of these items was copy from The Journal of the American Chemical Society from January... Continue Reading →

From My Archive: The Wilken Family Home Cooking Album

The Wilken Family were the distillers for Schenley’s Lawrenceburg, Indiana distillery in the 1930s and 40s. This distillery was next to the former Seagram distillery that is now MPG Ingredients, Inc. It closed in the late 1980s and the last... Continue Reading →

From My Archive: Schenley And Aging Whiskey

I have a copy of a 1945 booklet given to the sales force at Schenley in 1945. It is titled “Know What You Sell – Tell What You Know” and was an educational booklet on Blended Whiskey. In 1945 Blended... Continue Reading →

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