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Bourbon Trends

Small Barrels

The proposed changes in regulations include a regulation on barrel size, basically making the 53 gallon barrel a requirement for Bourbon. This was pushed for by the large distilleries and probably the cooperages. Many people say it was a way... Continue Reading →

80 Proof Whiskey

I enjoy my Bourbon and Rye neat. As a result, I don’t care for most American whiskey that is 80 proof. I find them too thin and watery in flavor for my taste. The exception to this for me is... Continue Reading →

Heirloom Corn

Bill Thomas and I recently had some Bourbon made at Kentucky Artisan Distillery with Hickory Cane white corn, an heirloom variety raised by my grandfather as far back as the 1930s. I chose that corn because everyone at his funeral... Continue Reading →

The Internet And The Growth Of Bourbon Sales

Word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to sell a product. If a friend tells you about a good experience with a certain brand of product, you are more likely to try that product than you would... Continue Reading →

The Growing Popularity Of Whiskey Clubs

The internet is a wondrous thing. Twenty years ago it was Bourbon Whiskey discussion forums that slowly added American Rye, Scotch and other whiskeys to their discussion. Then there came Facebook. Discussion forums became less popular because people were getting... Continue Reading →

Private Selection Barrels

I was recently told by a representative of a local liquor store chain that they did not really care what goes into their private selections because they will sell out no matter what goes into the bottle. I find that... Continue Reading →

Hosting a Bourbon Tasting

I am frequently asked by people “I am hosting a Bourbon Tasting. What should I do?” I always tell them that there are some basic things you should do when hosting a Bourbon tasting. It is more than just pouring... Continue Reading →

The Distilling Industry And The Environment

Historically the American Distilling Industry has always had an interest in preserving the environment. There are strong economic reasons why this is so but it does not change the fact that the industry has always been progressive in their thinking... Continue Reading →

Black Market Pappy Or A River Cruise: Which Is The Best Value?

There are people who would not think twice about spending two grand on a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon on the secondary market but then complain that the cost of the Bourbon cruise on the American Queen as too... Continue Reading →

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