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Bourbon In The 1890s

There are many parallels between what was happening to the Bourbon industry in the 1890s and what is happening in the industry today. I thought I would take a look at the industry then and now. First during the 1890s,... Continue Reading →

The Revolving Doors At Distilleries

Many skilled distillery workers are leaving their jobs at the established distilleries. It is not surprising to me. It is a job market that is growing rapidly. There are a lot of opportunities for skilled distillery workers. In the last... Continue Reading →

Evan Williams Introduces Square 6 Rye Whiskey

The other day, Rosemary and I visited the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience where they were introducing the new Square 6 “High Rye” Rye Whiskey. They are calling it “High Rye” because they are using more rye grain in the mash... Continue Reading →

The Golden Age Of American Whiskey

I am often asked as to when I think was the “Golden Age” for American whiskey. My general thought is that there is no such thing as a “Golden Age”.  Every era has made both excellent whiskeys, as well as... Continue Reading →

Five Bottled-in-Bond Bourbons Made In Kentucky

Kentucky distillers are introducing some excellent bonded Bourbons. Bonded whiskey is growing as a category. People are looking for the bonded labels because it is a sign of quality whiskey. Many of the smaller, artisan distilleries are creating bonded whiskey,... Continue Reading →

A Look At Whiskey Bottles

When Bill and I look for a bottle design for our whiskey, we will probably pick a standard bottle that is inexpensive to purchase. New bottles are very expensive to design these days. Designing and making a mold for the... Continue Reading →

In Praise Of Screw Cap Bottles

When Bill and I bottle our Bourbon, I want to use a screw cap bottle. I want this because I plan to keep several bottles for a long time for drinking in the future. I would also like to keep... Continue Reading →

Bourbon’s Unsung Heroes – Jane Bowie And The Innovation Teams

I have been saying for years that the established Kentucky distilleries should not be resting on their laurels when it comes to innovations with their whiskeys. There are many new distilleries in other states, and even in Kentucky, that are... Continue Reading →

Maker’s Mark Barrel Entry Proof Project (DNA Project)

Eight years ago, the people at Maker’s Mark were concerned about the barrel entry proof of their whiskey from an accounting standpoint. They have always used a 110 barrel entry proof to make their whiskey and never raised that number... Continue Reading →

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