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Bourbon Barons

A Tale Of Two Rectifiers Part One

In the 1990s, both Julian Van Winkle and Even Kulsveen were operating each of their businesses with a rectifier license. This allowed them to sell whiskey without owning a working distillery. Both had warehouses at a distillery in which where... Continue Reading →

Bourbon Barons – John M. Atherton

John McDougall Atherton was a prominent distiller in the 19th century. He built several distilleries, including the one in Athertonville, Ky. that later became part of the Seagram distilleries in Kentucky. He was also a leader in promoting education in... Continue Reading →

Bourbon Barons: George Garvin Brown

George Garvin Brown was born in Munfordville, Kentucky in the year 1846. His father was John Thompson Street Brown and George’s mother was Mary Garvin Brown, J.T.S. Brown’s second wife. George had seven older brothers and sisters. When the American... Continue Reading →

Bourbon Barons: Isaac Wolfe Bernheim

Isaac Wolfe Bernheim’s story is very similar to many other German Jews who came to America to enjoy a freedom to prosper that was not available to Jews in Europe. Many ended up in the spirits industry and a few,... Continue Reading →

Bourbon Barons – Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr.

Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. was born near the banks of the Mississippi River in the Jackson Purchase region of Kentucky, near the town of Henderson, Kentucky. He was the son of John Taylor. In 1835 his father, John, died of... Continue Reading →

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