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Tasting Notes: George Washington Apple Brandy

This post sponsored by the Glencairn Whisky Glass The distillery at Mount Vernon is an American treasure. It is a true 18th century distillery using copper pot stills, wood fires and grains milled at the water mill next to the... Continue Reading →

Looking To Brandy’s Past For Clues About Its Future

American Brandy distillation has a very rich heritage. Brandy was first distilled on Staten Island in December of 1640 by Cornelius Toun. Some historians think this was probably apple brandy but Joe Heron from Copper & Kings thinks it was... Continue Reading →

Starlight Distillery in Hoosier Occupied Northern Kentucky

My mother was born in Scottsburg, Indiana and my Grandfather always said Indiana did not really start until you got north of Seymore. Indiana because the politicians in Indianapolis could care less about the people living along the Ohio River.... Continue Reading →

American Fruit Brandy – A Spirit to Watch

Before prohibition Fruit Brandies were very popular in the United States. In the 18th century peach brandy demanded a higher price than whiskey in Kentucky taverns. Early Kentucky distillers often made both whiskey and brandy for their own use and... Continue Reading →

A SHOT of Kentucky Bourbon, Whiskey and Brandy Distilling Heritage

  A SHOT of Kentucky Bourbon, Whiskey, and Brandy Distilling Heritage Kentucky distilling heritage starts with both whiskey and brandy distillation. When the earliest settlers came to Kentucky in the 1700’s, their stills were an important part of the journey’s... Continue Reading →

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