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Maggie Kimberl

Washington, D.C. Cigar Scene

I recently went to Washington D.C. for the first time ever. I was there to judge the World Whiskies Awards at Jack Rose. But before that I had to do some sightseeing and scope out the cigar scene.  I did... Continue Reading →

Barefoot Manhattans: The Bitter Truth

In Kitchen Confidential Anthony Bourdain says there’s a common joke among bartenders – which will last longer, your bitters or your marriage? I can confirm that my bottle of Angostura bitters has been around for several years and there’s a... Continue Reading →

Holiday Gift Ideas For Cigar Lovers

The holidays are fast approaching, and it can be daunting to shop for a cigar lover. With a little bit of guidance you can find a gift that will knock their socks off. I highly recommend going to a local... Continue Reading →

Barefoot Manhattans: Shaken Or Stirred?

“The Manhattan should be prepared by stirring,” Albert Schmid says in his book dedicated to this cocktail. “Shaking the combination of ingredients produces a drink that is cloudy and foams across the top. Stirring preserves a transparent drink and allows... Continue Reading →

Bourbon And Cigar Pairing: La Palina 125th Anniversary Corojo

Like many bourbon brands, cigar companies are often family businesses that are kept alive or revived by determined relatives. We’ve seen this play out a lot recently in Kentucky with brands that were snuffed out by Prohibition being revived by... Continue Reading →

Barefoot Manhattans: Vermouth Battle Royale

You know that old saying, the more you learn the less you know? Rosemary Miller and I have been studying our favorite cocktail, The Manhattan, for several months now, and the deeper we dive into our studies the more complicated... Continue Reading →

Cigar Wrappers

When you are just starting out in cigars it’s common to think you can tell everything you need to know about a cigar by its wrapper. As with most things in life it’s actually a lot more complicated than that. ... Continue Reading →

Barefoot Manhattans: French Vermouths

Typically Italian Vermouth is thought to be sweet and French Vermouth is thought to be dry. But I can tell you from my short research that you can get both kinds from both regions. For a standard Manhattan you want... Continue Reading →

Bourbon And Cigar Pairing: My Father The Judge

Every few months Michael, Wayne, and I get together to try a cigar with a lineup of bourbons or ryes. It has been a while since we used bourbon in our pairing studies, so we switched back to the same... Continue Reading →

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